We are different individuals destined for
greatness working towards a common goal


I’ve always known that I would own a business. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. My first business was at 7 years old, selling chappies outside my flat door, because I had a problem with not having enough tuck shop money.

What type of business I would found came later in life. I joined the corporate world to get business experience, and found myself as Operational Intelligence for Samsung, running mobile and web apps for sales teams across Southern Africa. And in between organizing the odd baby shower, birthday surprise party, product launch…etc.

I found so much joy in organizing events, that I eventually left corporate to run my own events company. Happily, so, with Nando’s as my first client within the first year.

The only problem I had was not having enough online tools to make my life as an organizer easier. So I started creating my own automated tools and EventMate was born.

I believe in creating apps that complement and improve an event professional’s life. I believe that people are the life blood of any organization. I am extremely proud and honoured by my team.

Our differences does not seperate us but it keeps us united as a team. We are energetic, vibrant, motivated, focused and dedicated.

We are EventMate